How to stream your music from Google Drive using your iPhone/iPad

Being an iPhone or iPad user, you might understand the struggle of making a playlist of your favorite songs with however going through the lengthy procedures of iTunes first. With the advancement of technology, going through such a long and time consuming process makes it feel like we are going back in time instead of moving forward. Apple might have its reasons for this but we prefer less time consuming processes. Hence, third party applications have started to develop in order to help you stream your favorite song in less than a minute.

‘Stream music from iPhone without the use of iTunes’ this term might seem strange to you but skilled developers have helped made that possible. A third party application can be used to create an external link between the two and stream music directly from Google Drive using your gadget.

GoPlayer is one of the third party applications that we have discussed above. This particular application has been made for both iPhone and iPad users. GoPlayer has made almost every iOS user’s life much less complex.

Streaming music directly from Google Drive using ‘GOPLAYER

This is quite an easy process. All you have to do is import all of your music files to google drive. This process takes time according to your total file size. It might take less than a minute if you are importing fewer songs but take up a lot of time if your playlist is long. Once you have important all of your audio files to Google Drive, simply connect Google Drive to this particular application and you are ready to go!

GoPlayer streams all of your audio files in cloud storage. Now you can easily open GoPlayer and stream music from the cloud that you had stored and play music from Google Drive. GoPlayer not only allows you to play songs from Google Drive but gives you the best advantage which is that you get to free up space on your device. If you listen to one too many songs, you must be aware of the fact that a single audio file takes up to a minimum of 4MB space in your device, this means that assuming you have 50 songs in your phone, it takes up 200MB space at the least. Importing all your songs to Google Drive and then creating playlists and such in GoPlayer can allow you to remove audio files from your Iphone or Ipad’s players.

Other than these outstanding qualities, GoPlayer supports a number of audio files so that you have no problem is choosing only some of your songs from the playlist. These supported audio files include MP3 files, AAC files, WAV, AIF etc.

This application does not have any technical and complex features but is just like a normal music player with the extra option of connecting to Google Drive. You can arrange your music in playlists and use normal repeat and playback options just like in a common music player.

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