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If you have large iTunes music library but only 32Gb of storage on iPhone/iPad this apps for you.

Just move all your audio files like songs, notes, audiobooks to the cloud and free up such valuable space on device for photos, videos and apps.


Advanced streaming service with all needed features based on your cloud account and it's free. It streams you music directly from cloud with smart buffering techniques and smooth playback.


Forget about iTunes synchronization hassle now your music available everywhere. Download your favorite tracks for offline playback and listen to your music, even when you aren’t connected to the internet.


Audiobooks also supported. You can create audio bookmarks, change playback speed and save last media position.





"I enjoyed using this app through my daily walking. It's amazing! I strongly believe I have found a way to keep and play all my music and not suffer crazy data charges you tech genies are awesome"

Great MP3 player

"Now that I have unlimited data I can stream my entire music library from Google Drive without a worry instead of maxing out the limited memory on my Apple devices. Thank you for giving me online access and automatic consecutive or shuffle play back of my music. Good job. Just wish I could make my thumbnails bigger."

The Answer to Apple's Limited Memory

"I have videos and music on my Gdrive and wanted to be able to have the videos available offline and make playlist from them. This app help me get to my music and videos easily and quickly."

What I was looking for

"Was already using Mega to backup my music and looking for an app that would do playlists and albums from there. This seems like just what I wanted so far."

Best player for Mega Cloud



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